What follows are the races of Flanaess that can be played.


In the world of Greyhawk certain races (or subraces) have pioneered certain techniques and training that allows them to excel in certain classes. As such members of certain races are restricted in which classes they can take. This is simply because no-one of that race has ever successfully trained in a certain set of techniques and instead rely on tradition and the wisdom of elders to guide their training in life.


Each race has a speed rating between 1 and 4. A speed rating of 1 means you are 4 times slower than someone with a speed rating of 4. A speed rating of 2 means your half as slow as someone with a speed rating of 4. All speeds are detailed without reference to any measurement and are instead designed to be relative to each other.

How much movement is actually possible for someone with any given speed rating is unimportant, although someone with a speed rating of 3 would be able to walk 90 meters in a minute. At A jog the same person could reach that distance in half the time.

Playable Races


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