World of Greyhawk

1. Building Up not Tearing Down

Set in 616 CY, this advances the world of Greyhawk by 40 years from the original World of Greyhawk boxed set. It glosses over the events of 2e Greyhawk and then Living Greyhawk, using the events of these times as a launch-pad to get the new era to more closely resemble the World of Greyhawk as outlined in the original boxed set.

2. Old School Flavour

This campaign uses the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules adapted to fit the flavour of Greyhawk and AD&D 1st edition. D&D 5th edition is both balanced and designed to be modular. As such the various houserules used in this campaign will be designed to recapture the flavour of AD&D rather than try to balance the game. Where a 5th edition rule makes sense (such as allowing all characters to go up to level 20) the standard rules will be used. Where optional rules can be used to change how the game feels (such as by requiring more time to return to full HP) the optional rules will be used. A complete list of these changed rules can be found at Campaign Rules.

World of Greyhawk

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