Below is a list of deities that are worshiped in Flanaess along with the types of spells they can grant access to.

It is believed that by worshiping a particular god directly your prayers will be answered more often. As such worship of greater gods is rare as they are personally aware of only the most powerful of their worshipers. Instead the worship of lesser gods and demigods is much more common (with quasi-deities only worshiped in areas where they have personally done great deeds). Given the limited power quasi-deities and demigods are able to grant, the worship of lesser gods is the most widespread throughout Flanaess. However worship and clerics of all gods do exist throughout the land.

NOTE: All deities grant the same cleric domains. As such which domain you can take is restricted by your Race.

The weakest of the deities, quasi-deities (also known as hero deities) are not true gods but are instead mortals who have transcended from their mortal state and are on their way to becoming a true demigod. However because they have not yet reached the state of a demigod, they are unable to grant spells of any kind.

However quasi-deities are not completely powerless. Due to their near-divine status, quasi-deities are able to inspire people who have heard of their mighty deeds and those who dedicate themselves to a quasi-deity are able to prepare 1st and 2nd level spells. The quasi-deity is not directly aware of those clerics who serve them, however when a cleric dedicated to a quasi-deity casts a spell the quasi-deity does become aware of spells being cast in their name. This often inspires the quasi-deity to renew their efforts even more in upholding and pursuing their values and goals.

Given that quasi-deities are not capable of granting higher level spells very few non-humans worship quasi-deities and instead worship more traditional, and older, deities. Humans are much more likely to worship a quasi-deity as their ability to multiclass makes it possible for them to excel in other areas of their life.

Demigods serve more powerful deities but are gods within their own right and are able to be worshiped. Clerics and paladins of demigods are capable of granting up to 5th level spells with most clerics and paladins who reach higher levels simply using the higher level spell slots to cast lower level spells. However demigods are not aware of those mortal servants who only call upon the demigod for 1st and 2nd level spells. Although the gods are powerful, they are not all knowing and so they have no ability to monitor or police those servants who do not cast 3rd level spells or higher.

Paladins are much more likely to worship demigods as they do not gain 6th level or higher spells. However demigods still have a respectable number of clerics that worship them directly.

Lesser Gods
Lesser Gods are some of the most powerful gods worshiped in Flanaess, having to only explain themselves to a greater god. As such those who worship lesser gods are able to prepare 6th and 7th level spells. However being that much more powerful makes lesser gods that much more removed from the mortal realms. As such lesser gods do not personally grant spells below 6th level. Instead one or more demigods who serve the lesser god grants spells of 3rd level to 5th level on behalf of the lesser god. Throughout a cleric’s life the exact demigod that does grant them spells may change more than once as they change in the way they serve the lesser god.

Greater Gods
The most powerful of all gods, lesser gods are able to grant clerics 8th and 9th level spells. However they are the most removed from mortal life and understand it the least of all the gods. Only those clerics who reach extremely high levels have their prayers answered by a greater god directly in the granting of 8th and 9th level spells. The vast majority of clerics who worship a greater god instead have their prayers answered by lesser gods or demigods who serve the Greater God and have a better understanding of what the clerics do in the greater god’s name.


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