In the lands of Flanaess life is cheap. Those who take up arms or sling spells and venture forth into dangerous environments cannot expect a long life. Those who fall can at best expect a quick burial while those who make it out alive do so with a vast treasure hold.

This campaign is set in Greyhawk in the year 616 CY. Using numerous optional rules for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition, this campaign seeks to recreate the feel of Dungeons & Dragons when it was first played in the world of Greyhawk. Characters will die and they will likely die often. This is not the campaign to write up a complex background. Quick character creation is designed to take out the sting of losing characters regularly. What’s more, the world will not be built to ensure your survival. You may come up across a CR 18 dragon while merely being level 1 characters. Caution is advised as is preparedness. Ultimately though, not even the best laid plans last longer than the first dice being rolled.

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